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Heisman Winners Against Their Former College Coaches in the NFL

Posted by Andrew McKillop on November 20, 2010

Updated: 1/8/2011

The list below breaks down all instances where a former Heisman Trophy winner faced their college coach in the NFL.  To be eligible for the list below, the former Heisman winner must have played at least one snap, in the game they were facing their college coach.

Year Player/Coach Stats Team Sc
1976 O.J. Simpson W 20-39-0 Bills 14 at
John McKay L Buccaneers 9
1979 O.J. Simpson W 6-26 Niners 23
John McKay L Buccaneers 7
1985 Marcus Allen W 24-123-0 Raiders 16 at
John Robinson L Rams 6
1988 Marcus Allen L 14-53-0 Raiders 17
John Robinson W Rams 22
1990 Vinny Testaverde L 13-21-194-1-0 Buccaneers 10 at
Jimmy Johnson W Cowboys 14
1990 Vinny Testaverde L 21-32-271-1-2 Buccaneers 13
Jimmy Johnson W Cowboys 17
1997 Vinny Testaverde L 32-47-331-1-0 Ravens 13
Jimmy Johnson W Dolphins 24
1998 Vinny Testaverde W 19-32-185-1-0 Jets 20
Jimmy Johnson L Dolphins 9
1998 Vinny Testaverde W 17-29-232-1-1 Jets 21 at
Jimmy Johnson L Dolphins 16
2010 Reggie Bush L 5-12-0 Saints 36 at
Pete Carroll W Seahawks 41





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