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Conference vs. Conference Bowl Records

Posted by Andrew McKillop on January 13, 2011

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2 Responses to “Conference vs. Conference Bowl Records”

  1. uncle buck said


    How do you compensate for depth of conference?

    Say the SEC puts 9 out of 12 teams in bowls the same year the ACC puts 3 of 12 teams in.

    Unless you are head to head there should be some bias in the data. If SEC #1 played ACC #1 it would be more reflective than if SEC #7 played ACC #2 in a major bowl. I would say the Liberty Bowl is a major bowl but UCF was not playing the top of the SEC so their win over Georgia this season was a bit deceptive. I still believe you should have a minimum of 8 wins for a bowl invite even if it means fewer bowls.

    • Andrew McKillop said

      Thanks for the comments.

      The article was simply a presentation piece. I was just tallying up the results and presenting it as fact. I wasn’t trying to prove the superiority of one conference over another. I thought it would just be interesting to see where the numbers fell.

      Your absolutely correct in the assessment that the marginal teams of the SEC often play top tier teams of other conferences. Thus these numbers alone wouldn’t be a great indicator of overall conference strength.

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