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Winning a National Title, and Then a Super Bowl

Posted by Andrew McKillop on January 30, 2011

Listed below are players that won a Super Bowl ring their rookie season, a year after they won a national title in college.

Player Pos Year National Title Year Super Bowl
Tony Dorsett RB 1976 Pittsburgh (AP) 1977 Cowboys
Danny Stubbs DE 1987 Miami FL (AP) 1988 49ers
Derrick Lassic RB 1992 Alabama (AP) 1993 Cowboys
William Floyd FB 1993 Florida St (AP) 1994 49ers
Tyrone Williams DB 1995 Nebraska (AP) 1996 Packers
Brian Griese QB 1997 Michigan (AP) 1998 Broncos
Eric Alexander LB 2003 LSU (BCS) 2004 Patriots
Marquise Hill DE 2003 LSU (BCS) 2004 Patriots
Randall Gay DB 2003 LSU (BCS) 2004 Patriots


References:, College Football Data Warehouse


Year CFB Team Year SB Tm Pos Player
1976 Pittsburgh (AP) 1977 DAL RB Tony Dorsett
1987 Miami FL (AP) 1988 SF DE Danny Stubbs
1992 Alabama (AP) 1993 DAL RB Derrick Lassic
1993 Florida St (AP) 1994 SF FB William Floyd
1995 Nebraska (AP) 1996 GB CB Tyrone Williams
1997 Michigan (AP) 1998 DEN QB Brian Griese
2003 LSU (BCS) 2004 NE LB Eric Alexander
2003 LSU (BCS) 2005 NE DE Marquise Hill
2003 LSU (BCS) 2006 NE CB Randall Gay

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