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NFL Draft: All-Pros and the Draft Since 2000

Posted by Andrew McKillop on April 28, 2011

Important Note: The following analysis covered only 1st team Associated Press All-Pro selections.  Each selection is counted.  Meaning QB Peyton Manning counted for five selections.

Previously I analyzed where NFL Hall of Famers have been drafted, but the players in that study have been retired for at least five season, so it doesn’t give a good current view of successful draft trends.  Thus I’m going to study where Associated Press 1st team All-Pro selections (excluding special teams) from 2000-2010 have been selected in the draft.

Of the 256 All-Pro selections since 2000, 157 of them have been first round selection in the draft (61%).  It appears that the best place to find All-Pro talent is in the first round.

Round All-Pros Pct.
1 156 61%
2 34 13%
3 30 12%
Undrafted 14 5%
4 9 4%
5 6 2%
7 4 2%
6 3 1%

Despite the abundance of former first round selections on All-Pro teams, only two players selected with the #1 overall pick have made the All-Pro team since 2000; T Jake Long, QB Peyton Manning, and T Orlando Pace.  In fact more All-Pro selections have come from players drafted from picks #6-10 (39 All-Pro selections), than #1-5 (30 All-Pro selections).

Due to the success of LB Ray Lewis (1996), G Alan Faneca (1998), Lito Sheppard (2002), Clay Matthews III (2009), the 26th overall pick has produced 14 All-Pro selections in the last ten years, the most of any pick.  The 9th overall pick has produced 11 All-Pro selections; G Brian Matthews (1983), T Lincoln Kennedy (1993), LB Brian Urlacher (2000), DT Kevin Williams (2003). The 11th overall pick has produced 9 All-Pro selections; DE Dwight Freeney (2002), DeMarcus Ware (2005), Patrick Willis (2007).

The draft class of 1996 produced 31 All-Pro selections, the most of any draft class in the last ten years. The draft class of 1999, once touted as one of the most talented draft classes ever, only produced 10 All-Pro selections in the last ten years.

The Baltimore Ravens drafted 18 All-Pro selections from the last ten years; it’s the most in the NFL.  The Indianapolis Colts drafted 16 All-Pro selections from that same period, and the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Seattle Seahawks drafted 13 All-Pro selections.  The Buffalo Bills didn’t draft a single All-Pro selection from the last ten years, meanwhile the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted one All-Pro selection, and the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans drafted two All-Pro selections.

Peyton Manning is the only QB drafted in the first round to make it to the All-Pro team in the last ten years.  Of the 24 offensive tackle selections to make the All-Pro team in the last ten years, only Matt Light (2001, 2nd round), and Michael Roos (2005, 2nd round) were non-first round selections.  Wes Welker (Undrafted) is the only WR to make the All-Pro team in the last ten years that wasn’t selected in the top three rounds.  Jared Allen is the furthest drafted DE (4th round, 126th pick), to make the All-Pro team in the last ten years.

To do your own analysis, download this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which outlines every 1st team All-Pro selection, and when and where they were drafted.

Reference: Pro-Football-Reference Draft Finder


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