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Playoff Matchups by City in Professional Sports

Posted by Andrew McKillop on May 12, 2011

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6 Responses to “Playoff Matchups by City in Professional Sports”

  1. […] Playoff Matchups by City in Professional Sports: Andrew McKillop of SportsDelve researched how many times pro sports teams from various cities played each other in the playoffs. […]

  2. oneblankspace said

    So New York-New York would be #3 on the main list if you had let them. Montreal-Toronto would rank higher if you included CFL playoffs.

    • Andrew McKillop said

      Maybe in the future I’ll do a Canadian edition of the list below and include the CFL.

      The list certainly isn’t a perfect analysis. The list is mainly a numbers thing.

      Hockey and basketball leagues always included more teams in their annual playoffs. So cities with teams in those leagues received a nice boost.

      Also the city of New York dominated the baseball playoffs in the first half of the century, thus the numbers for New York vs. New York are high.

  3. Travis said

    Two San Francisco teams met in MLB playoffs? Did you count the Oakland A’s as a SF team?

  4. […] decided to dig into the playoff database I created a few weeks ago for the article Playoff Matchups by City in Professional Sports, and find out which cities have sent the most pro teams to playoff games/series’.   The same […]

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