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MLB: Statistical Leaders (BA/HR) & (ERA/SV) on the Same Team

Posted by Andrew McKillop on June 6, 2011

When I checked the MLB statistical leaders yesterday, something jumped out at me.  The Cincinnati Reds had two players leading the NL in two of the more prominent hitting statistical categories.  Joey Votto is leading the NL in batting average, and Jay Bruce is leading the NL in homeruns.  The MLB season isn’t even at the halfway point yet, but I thought it would be interesting to research every instance (18 all together) in which one team had the player that won the batting crown, and had another player win/tie for the homerun title.  The last time it happened in Major Leagues was back in 1992; when the San Diego Padres had Gary Sheffield win the batting title, and Fred McGriff win the homerun title.  Checkout the list below.

Year Lge Team Player Lge Lead W L
1884 NL Chicago Wht Stock (Cubs) King Kelly BA: .354 62 50
Ned Williamson HR: 27
1888 NL Chicago Wht Stock (Cubs) Cap Anson BA: .344 77 58
Jimmy Ryan HR: 16
1890 NL New York Giants Jack Glasscock BA: .336 63 68
Mike Tiernan HR: 16
1893 NL Philadelphia Phillies Billy Hamilton BA: .380 72 57
Ed Delahanty HR: 19
1902 NL Pittsburg Pirates Ginger Beaumont BA: .357 103 36 NL Pennant
Tommy Leach HR: 6
1905 NL Cincinnati Reds Cy Seymour BA: .377 79 74
Fred Odwell HR: 9
1908 AL Detroit Tigers Ty Cobb BA: .324 90 63 AL Pennant
Sam Crawford HR: 7
1922 AL St. Louis Browns George Sisler BA: .420 93 61
Ken Williams HR: 39
1929 NL Philadelphia Phillies Lefty O’Doul BA: .398 71 82
Chuck Klein HR: 43
1941 NL Brooklyn Dodgers Pete Reiser BA: .343 100 54 NL Pennant
Dolph Camilli HR: 34
1951 AL Philadelphia Athletics Ferris Fain BA: .344 70 84
Gus Zernial HR: 33
1954 AL Cleveland Indians Bobby Avila BA: .341 111 43 AL Pennant
Larry Doby HR: 32
1959 NL Milwaukee Braves Hank Aaron BA: .355 86 70
Eddie Mathews HR: 46
1964 AL Minnesota Twins Tony Oliva BA: .323 79 83
Harmon Killebrew HR: 49
1969 AL Minnesota Twins Rod Carew BA: .332 97 65
Harmon Killebrew HR: 49
1981 AL Boston Red Sox Carney Lansford BA: .336 59 49
Dwight Evans HR: 22
1983 AL Boston Red Sox Wade Boggs BA: .361 78 84
Jim Rice HR: 39
1992 NL San Diego Padres Gary Sheffield BA: .330 82 80
Fred McGriff HR: 35

The average winning percentage of teams that have pulled off the statistical feat above, is .556.   Surprisingly no team that has pulled off the statistical feat above, has won a World Series.  Although four teams did go on to win a league pennant (1902 PIT, 08 DET, 41 BRO, 54 CLE).

When checking the current statistical leaders, I also noticed that the Florida Marlins had the ERA leader, as well as the saves leader.  The last time a team in the NL had one pitcher win the ERA title, and have another player win the saves title, was back in 1966, when the Los Angeles Dodgers Sandy Koufax (ERA), and Phil Regan (Saves) completed the feat.  Check out the list below, to see all instances (26 all together) of the above mentioned statistical feat (includes ties).

Year Lge Team Player Lge Lead W L
1887 NL Philadelphia Phillies Dan Casey ERA: 2.86 75 48
Charlie Ferguson SV: 1
1889 NL Boston Bean… (Braves) John Clarkson ERA: 2.73 83 45
Bill Sowders ¹ SV: 3
1905 NL New York Giants Christy Mathewson ERA: 1.28 105 48 WS Title
Claude Elliott SV: 6
1908 NL New York Giants Christy Mathewson ERA: 1.43 98 56
Joe McGinnity SV: 5
1910 NL Chicago Cubs King Cole ERA: 1.80 104 50 NL Pennant
Mordecai Brown SV: 7
1914 NL St. Louis Cardinals Bill Doak ERA: 1.72 81 72
Slim Sallee SV: 6
1915 AL Boston Red Sox Smoky Joe Wood ERA: 1.49 101 50 WS Title
Carl Mays SV: 7
1917 AL Chicago White Sox Eddie Cicotte ERA: 1.53 100 54 WS Title
Dave Danforth SV: 9
1917 NL New York Giants Fred Anderson ERA: 1.44 98 56 NL Pennant
Slim Sallee SV: 4
1919 AL Washington Senators Walter Johnson ERA: 1.49 100 54
Jim Shaw SV: 5
1921 NL St. Louis Cardinals Bill Doak ERA: 2.59 87 66
Lou North SV: 7
1922 NL New York Giants Phil Douglas ERA: 2.63 93 61 WS Title
Claude Jonnard SV: 5
1924 AL Washington Senators Walter Johnson ERA: 2.72 92 62 WS Title
Firpo Marberry SV: 15
1925 AL Washington Senators Stan Coveleski ERA: 2.84 96 55 AL Pennant
Firpo Marberry SV: 15
1940 NL Cincinnati Reds Bucky Walters ERA: 2.48 100 53 WS Title
Joe Beggs SV: 7
1948 AL Cleveland Indians Gene Bearden ERA: 2.43 97 58 WS Title
Russ Christopher SV: 17
1957 AL New York Yankees Bobby Shantz ERA: 2.45 98 56 AL Pennant
Bob Grim SV: 19
1957 NL Brooklyn Dodgers Johnny Podres ERA: 2.66 84 70
Clem Labine SV: 17
1958 AL New York Yankees Whitey Ford ERA: 2.01 92 62 WS Title
Ryne Duren SV: 20
1966 NL Los Angeles Dodgers Sandy Koufax ERA: 1.73 95 67 NL Pennant
Phil Regan SV: 21
1978 AL New York Yankees Ron Guidry ERA: 1.74 100 63 WS Title
Rich Gossage SV: 27
1980 AL New York Yankees Rudy May ERA: 2.46 103 59
Rich Gossage SV: 33
1987 AL Toronto Blue Jays Jimmy Key ERA: 2.76 96 66
Tom Henke SV: 34
1993 AL Kansas City Royals Kevin Appier ERA: 2.56 84 78
Jeff Montgomery SV: 45
2000 AL Boston Red Sox Pedro Martinez ERA: 1.74 85 77
Derek Lowe SV: 42
2005 AL Cleveland Indians Kevin Millwood ERA: 2.86 93 69
Bob Wickman SV: 45

¹ Bill Sowders was traded to Pittsburgh before the season was over.  However he picked up all three of his league leading saves with the Boston Beaneaters.

The average winning percentage of teams that have pulled off the statistical feat above, is .612.  Nine out of the 24 applicable teams to pull off the feat above, would go on to win the World Series.

One more interesting note.  The last time both of the feats discussed in this article, occurred in the same Major League Baseball season was 1922.  The last time both of the feats occured in the same league (NL) was 1905; when the Cincinnati Reds pulled off the batting feat, and the New York Giants pulled off the pitching feat.

References: Baseball-Reference: (BA Leaders, HR Leaders, ERA Leaders, Saves Leaders, Yearly Standings)


2 Responses to “MLB: Statistical Leaders (BA/HR) & (ERA/SV) on the Same Team”

  1. oneblankspace said

    The 1917 ChiSox won the World Series, and that is not noted in this list. However, the 1919 Senators did not even win the pennant.

    • Andrew McKillop said

      Your 100% correct. There must have been some kind of jump in the spreadsheet cells. It’s now fixed. Thanks for the correction.

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