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NCAA/NAIA National Championships: Database & Miscellaneous Facts

Posted by Andrew McKillop on June 20, 2011

As promised I have released an online database which contains a record for every official NCAA/NAIA team national champion.  You can check out the database here.  After this year’s Division I College World Series, I will update/correct the database of champions after every season (fall, winter, spring).

As I wrap up the launch of this project, I thought it would be fun to look over some trivial facts about national champions.

Just an important reminder that only NCAA/NAIA officially sponsored championship sports were included in the study.  To see a detailed list of sports included click here.  Vacated championship weren’t counted.

Seeing as schools from the state of California have won the most national championships, it’s fairly predictable that the two largest California metro areas (L.A. and San Francisco) would also lead the nation in national championships. Check out the list below.

Rk Metro Area Championships NCAA NAIA
1 Los Angeles (CA) 360 313 47
2 San Francisco (CA) 142 139 3
3 Oklahoma City (OK) 83 33 50
4 Philadelphia (PA) 78 78
5 New York (NY) 73 70 3
6 Abilene (TX) 69 60 9
7 St. Louis (MO) 65 47 18
8 Minneapolis (MN) 63 51 12
9 Vancouver (BC) 59 59
18 Stillwater (OK) 47 47
10t Chicago (IL) 57 47 10
10t Mount Vernon (OH) 57 57
12t Alamosa (CO) 51 25 26
12t Ann Arbor (MI) 51 38 13
12t Baton Rouge (LA) 51 45 6
12t Durham (NC) 51 50 1
16t Austin (TX) 50 47 3
16t Trenton (NJ) 50 48 2
19t Houston (TX) 46 18 28
19t Miami (FL) 46 32 14
21t Fayetteville (AR) 42 41 1
21t San Diego (CA) 42 34 8
21t Seattle (WA) 42 17 25
24t La Crosse (WI) 41 34 7
24t Oshkosh (WI) 41 32 9
24t State College (PA) 41 41

Using 2009 population estimates retrieved from Wikipedia, it shows that Indianapolis is the largest metro area without a national championship.  In the last two years Butler not only came close to bringing home their schools first national championship (runner-up in NCAA Men’s Basketball), but also their city’s.

Public schools have won 58% of all national championships.  Check out the breakdown below.

Private 1869 484 303 502 525 55
Public 2572 1198 576 308 478 12

I thought it would be fun to create a figure that divides school enrollment by championships won.  I used Fall 2009 semester enrollment figures provided by the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences.  Kenyon (OH) leads the list with a championship per every 28.6 students.

Rk School Enrollment Students Per Champion
1 Kenyon (OH) 1633 28.6
2 St. Augustine’s (NC) 1529 49.3
3 Adams St (CO) 3121 61.2
4 Abilene Christian (TX) 4813 74.0
5 Middlebury (VT) 2482 85.6
6 Williams (MA) 2141 85.6
7 Methodist (NC) 2183 87.3
8 Florida Southern 2426 89.9
9 Central St (OH) 2436 90.2
10 Oklahoma City 3829 106.4
11 North Central (IL) 2798 107.6
12 Kentucky Wesleyan 876 109.5
13 BYU-Hawaii 2586 112.4
14 Lynn (FL) 2224 117.1
15 Lubbock Christian (TX) 1906 136.1

The largest school in the NCAA/NAIA to never have won a national championship is Ashford (IA).  Ashford (IA) had an official enrollment of 46,835 students for the Fall 2009 semester.  Mainly due to it’s for-profit online degree programs.

Principia (IL) is the smallest school to have ever won a national championships.  Principia’s Fall 2009 enrollment was 527.  They won the 1983 NCAA Division III women’s title.

There are four schools which no longer exist that have won national championships.

School Sport Year(s) Org Div
George Williams (WI) Men’s Volleyball 1974, 77, 78 NAIA I
Hawaii Loa Softball 1991 NAIA I
Southern Benedictine (AL) Men’s Golf 1971 NAIA I
Tarkio (MO) Men’s Basketball 1940 NAIA I

It’s important to keep in mind that championships sponsored by the NCAA and NAIA make up only a part of the “national championships” won every year.  Check out this Wikipedia article for a listing of other intercollegiate national champions.  The NJCAA sponsors national championships for junior colleges.  Be sure to check out their record book section for more on the topic.

Reference:  Sources used to compile list of NCAA/NAIA national champions.


6 Responses to “NCAA/NAIA National Championships: Database & Miscellaneous Facts”

  1. peter sullivan said


    • Andrew McKillop said

      I double-checked and I have Cal Baptist in the database, so they were counted. I have them listed as California Baptist though, which is why they probably didn’t show up in the search results for you.

  2. peter said

    andrew i was just wondering if you counted redlands 11 naia championships in mens tennis. for the los angeles metro area.

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