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Second Stints of Former World Series Managers

Posted by Andrew McKillop on June 21, 2011

Yesterday the Florida Marlins officially announced Jack McKeon as their manager.  The big storyline behind the hiring is that McKeon is 80 years old.  One of the buried storylines is that McKeon once won a World Series managing the Marlins. Although it has happened before, it’s not everyday in which a World Series winning manager returns to the team of their triumph.  Check out the list below.

Note: I only included managers that spent at least one full season away from the team they won a WS title with.

Manager Team 1st Stint W Pct. WS 2nd Stint W Pct. Dif
Bill Carrigan Red Sox 1913-16 0.598 1 1927-29 0.359 -0.239
Charlie Comiskey Browns 1884-89 0.672 1 1891 0.623 -0.049
Cito Gaston Blue Jays 1989-97 0.518 2 2008-10 0.512 -0.006
Bucky Harris Senators 1924-28 0.556 1 1935-42 0.453 -0.103
Ralph Houk Yankees 1961-63 0.636 2 1966-73 0.5 -0.136
Bob Lemon Yankees 1978-79 0.617 1 1981-82 0.436 -0.181
Danny Murtaugh Pirates 1957-64 0.524 1 1967 0.5 -0.024
Danny Murtaugh Pirates 1970-71* 0.574 1 1973-76* 0.558 -0.016
Red Schoendienst Cardinals 1965-76 0.521 1 1980 0.486 -0.035
Earl Weaver Orioles 1968-82 0.596 1 1985-86 0.472 -0.124

* Murtaugh’s second and third stint with the Pirates.

Interesting Notes:

  • Danny Murtaugh is the only manager to win a World Series with the same team in different managing stints.  However Murtaugh won the WS title in his third stint with the team.
  • Every WS title winning manager, has a worst overall winning percentage in their second stint with the team they won the WS title with.  The average difference in winning percentage is .091.  The managers also spent on average 3.3 less seasons with the team in their second stint.
  • Managers that spent one full season away from the team they won a WS title with, to only return to that team.  Had an average hiatus of 3.9 years (includes McKeon).
  • One manager noticeably missing from this list is Billy Martin.  Martin won a WS title with the Yankees in 1977, was gone for a short period in 1978, to only return to the Yankees in 1979, 1983, 1985, and 1988.  His second stint didn’t come after one full season away from the Yankees, so he wasn’t eligible for the list above.



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