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Winning Their “First” Titles Back to Back

Posted by Andrew McKillop on June 29, 2011

Last night South Carolina won their program’s second ever College World Series title and they did it in consecutive seasons.  Below is a simple list I put together showing all instances where a major sports franchise/program won their first ever titles in back to back seasons.

Team Lge/Org Championships
Chicago Cubs MLB 1907-08
Philadelphia Athletics MLB 1910-11
Toronto Blue Jays MLB 1992-93
Texas NCAA Div I 1949-50
Stanford NCAA Div I 1987-88
Oregon St NCAA Div I 2006-07
South Carolina NCAA Div I 2010-11
Team Lge/Org Championships
Chicago Bulls NBA 1991-93
Houston Rockets NBA 1994-95
Akron Firestone Non-Skids NBL 1939-40
Oshkosh All-Stars NBL 1941-42
Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons NBL 1944-45
Oklahoma St NCAA Men’s Div I 1945-46
Kentucky NCAA Men’s Div I 1948-49
San Francisco NCAA Men’s Div I 1955-56
Cincinnati NCAA Men’s Div I 1961-62
UCLA NCAA Men’s Div I 1964-65
Duke NCAA Men’s Div I 1991-92
Florida NCAA Men’s Div I 2006-07
USC NCAA Women’s Div I 1983-84
Team Lge/Org Championships
Canton Bulldogs NFL 1922-23
Green Bay Packers NFL 1929-31
Philadelphia Eagles NFL 1948-49
Baltimore Colts NFL 1958-59
Miami Dolphins NFL 1972-73
Pittsburgh Steelers NFL 1974-75
Denver Broncos NFL 1997-98
Houston Oilers AFL 1960-61
Buffalo Bills AFL 1964-65
Cleveland Browns AAFC 1946-49
Army NCAA Div I-FBS 1944-45
Nebraska NCAA Div I-FBS 1970-71
Team Lge/Org Championships
Ottawa Senators NHL 1920-21
Detroit Red Wings NHL 1936-37
Philadelphia Flyers NHL 1974-75
New York Islanders NHL 1980-83
Edmonton Oilers NHL 1984-85
Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 1991-92
Houston Aeros WHA 1974-75
Boston U NCAA Div I 1971-72


Reference: Sports-Reference: BB, BK, FB, HK,’s National Champions Database



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