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NFL Coaching Trees – Pt. 4 – Conclusion/Additional Info

Posted by Andrew McKillop on July 24, 2011

In part three of my series on NFL coaching trees, I’ll will break down into data how current NFL head coaches are connected. Checkout the previous posts in the series below.

Playing Days – Examines current NFL head coaches years playing the game of football.

The College Years – Examines current NFL head coaches years as assistants in the college ranks.

In the NFL – Examines current NFL head coaches years as assistants in the NFL

Post Highlights

  • Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis has had direct connections with 10 other current NFL head coaches; the most by any current head coach.
  • Five current NFL head coaches (Carroll, McCarthy, Morris, Munchak, L. Smith ) have only one direct connection to other head coaches.
  • On average current NFL head coaches have four direct connections to other current head coaches.


Coaching Connections

Every current NFL head coach is connected to another current coach in someway.  On average current coaches have four direct connections to other current coaches.  A direct connection implies that the coaches were on the same team together at some point (includes time as a player and/or coach in the college ranks).

Legend: CNCT (Direct connections to another current head coach)

Coach CNCT With
Marvin Lewis 10 J. Del Rio, L. Frazier, C. Gailey, Ji. Harbaugh, H. Jackson, M. McCarthy, R. Ryan, J. Schwartz, M. Smith, K. Whisenhunt
John Harbaugh 9 J. Fox, L. Frazier, H. Jackson, S. Payton, A. Reid, R. Rivera, R. Ryan, P. Shurmur, S. Spagnuolo
Leslie Frazier 8 J. Caldwell, Jo. Harbaugh, H. Jackson, M. Lewis, A. Reid, R. Rivera, P. Shurmur, S. Spagnuolo
Ron Rivera 8 L. Frazier, Ji. Harbaugh, Jo. Harbaugh, A. Reid, P. Shurmur, L. Smith, S. Spagnuolo, N. Turner
Jason Garrett 6 J. Fox, C. Gailey, S. Payton, T. Sparano, M. Tomlin, N. Turner
Steve Spagnuolo 6 T. Coughlin, L. Frazier, Jo. Harbaugh, A. Reid, R. Rivera, P. Shurmur
Tony Sparano 6 T. Coughlin, J. Garrett, T. Haley, H. Jackson, S. Payton, K. Whisenhunt
Ken Whisenhunt 6 P. Carroll, T. Haley, Ji. Harbaugh, M. Lewis, J. Schwartz, T. Sparano
Jack Del Rio 5 J. Fox, M. Lewis, R. Ryan, M. Smith, N. Turner
Chan Gailey 5 T. Haley¹, J. Garrett, G. Kubiak, M. Lewis, M. Shanahan
Todd Haley 5 C. Gailey¹, B. Belichick, S. Payton, T. Sparano, K. Whisenhunt
Hue Jackson 5 L. Frazier, Jo. Harbaugh, M. Lewis, R. Ryan, T. Sparano
Sean Payton 5 J. Fox, J. Garrett, T. Haley, Jo. Harbaugh, T. Sparano
Andy Reid 5 L. Frazier, Jo. Harbaugh, R. Rivera, P. Shurmur, S. Spagnuolo
Rex Ryan 5 J. Del Rio, Jo. Harbaugh, H. Jackson, M. Lewis, M. Smith
Jim Schwartz 5 B. Belichick, Ji. Harbaugh, M. Lewis, M. Munchak, K. Whisenhunt
Pat Shurmur 5 L. Frazier, Jo. Harbaugh, A. Reid, R. Rivera, S. Spagnuolo
John Fox 4 J. Del Rio, J. Garrett, Jo. Harbaugh, S. Payton
Jim Harbaugh 4 M. Lewis, R. Rivera, J. Schwartz, K. Whisenhunt
Bill Belichick 3 T. Coughlin, T. Haley, J. Schwartz
Tom Coughlin 3 B. Belichick, S. Spagnuolo, T. Sparano
Mike Smith 3 J. Del Rio, M. Lewis, R. Ryan
Mike Tomlin 3 J. Caldwell, J. Garrett, R. Morris
Norv Turner 3 J. Del Rio, J. Garrett, R. Rivera
Jim Caldwell 2 L. Frazier, M. Tomlin
Gary Kubiak 2 C. Gailey, M. Shanahan
Mike Shanahan 2 C. Gailey, G. Kubiak
Pete Carroll 1 K. Whisenhunt
Mike McCarthy 1 M. Lewis
Raheem Morris 1 M. Tomlin
Mike Munchak 1 J. Schwartz
Lovie Smith 1 R. Rivera

¹ Chan Gailey was only on Todd Haley’s KC staff for the off-season/pre-season of 2009.

The following current head coaches once had another current head coach on their staff (includes previous head coaching stints).

Record Vs.
Head Coach Assistant TM Year(s) W L Last Score 1st Score
B. Belichick J. Schwartz CLE 1993-95 1 0 2010 45-24
T. Coughlin T. Sparano JAC 2002
T. Coughlin S. Spagnuolo NYG 2007-08
J. Del Rio M. Smith JAC 2003-07
J. Fox J. Del Rio CAR 2002 1 1 2007 6-37 2003 24-23
T. Haley C. Gailey¹ KC 2009 1 0 2010 13-10
Jo. Harbaugh R. Ryan BAL 2008 1 0 2010 10-9
Jo. Harbaugh H. Jackson BAL 2008-09
M. Lewis L. Frazier CIN 2003-04
M. Lewis H. Jackson CIN 2004-06
A. Reid L. Frazier PHI 1999-02 0 1 2010 14-24
A. Reid R. Rivera PHI 1999-03
A. Reid S. Spagnuolo PHI 1999-06
A. Reid Jo. Harbaugh PHI 1999-07 0 1 2008 7-36
A. Reid P. Shurmur PHI 1999-08
M. Shanahan G. Kubiak DEN 1995-05 0 2 2010 27-30 2007 13-31
L. Smith R. Rivera CHI 2004-06
S. Spagnuolo P. Shurmur STL 2009-10
N. Turner R. Rivera SD 2007-10
K. Whisenhunt T. Haley KC 2007-08 0 1 2010 13-31

Reference: College Football Data Warehouse,, WikipediaClick here for a list of additional resources.


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