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A Complete Record of FBS (I-A) vs. FCS (I-AA)

Posted by Andrew McKillop on August 12, 2011

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4 Responses to “A Complete Record of FBS (I-A) vs. FCS (I-AA)”

  1. Ship1990 said

    I was curious to ask if anyone knew of a free website that listed each “FBS” & “FCS” Football program as well as the correct email address of the schools “Recruiting Co-ordinator” Head Coach, and possibly assistant coach’s email addresses as well?

  2. […] times. Contrast that with another school with a strong reputation at home, Virginia Tech, who is 25-2 against the lesser league after beating Appalachian State in their season opener. But how many high-profile games have there […]

  3. jeffrey g trauger said

    I played for Brown in 1982 when we beat William and Mary which was D1 I believe

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