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Site News – Future Updates

Posted by Andrew McKillop on December 28, 2011

I would like to thank everybody for visiting  It’s been an incredible experience developing the site.  I have corresponded with a lot of friendly sports fans, and I appreciate all the encouragement I received from sports researchers/writers.

As you have probably noticed, there hasn’t been a new post for a while.  From here on out SportsDelve will be receiving minimal updates to the content already posted, i.e. the posts College Football and Probation, FBS vs. FCS, National Champions Database, etc.

By mid-January I hope to launch a new self-hosted website, which will focus specifically on football.  The site isn’t ready yet, so I don’t want to release any details.  But the website will have a specific focus, and will include one-of-a-kind research.

Until the launch of my new website, there won’t be any updates of any kind to  But I hope that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the tremendous amount of content that has already been posted.  Be sure to check out the blog index here.

I’ll also be sure to forward everybody the address of my new website when it’s ready.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!


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