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Site News – Site Closure

Posted by Andrew McKillop on May 16, 2012

It’s been a great run at I believe the research I published was mostly original and in-depth. But as I approach new endeavors, I simply don’t have the time to upkeep this website.

In the new few weeks, I’ll be moving a handful of articles over to my new website As I move the articles, I will also be updating the info. The training camp (NFL and NBA), NCAA probation (FB and BB), FBS vs. FCS, and a few others will be moved and updated.

Any other article that isn’t moved will stay with this website, but won’t be updated unless I move it at a later date. The website will remain online, there just won’t be anymore updates.

The NCAA/NAIA database will be staying put for now. I have no intentions of moving or updating the data for now. At some point this summer, I would like to start a website specifically based on the database. I would also like to add non-NCAA/NAIA titles when I do that. I’m not making any promises about that though.

Also the SportsDelve Twitter account will be deleted in a week. If you would like, you can follow my work @FBGeography.

Thank you to everybody that has supported and visited



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