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First of all thank you for reading this blog.  I’m always interested in hearing what the readers of this blog have to say.  Drop me an e-mail anytime.

I started this blog because I have always had an interest in historical sports facts, and how they relate to the current sports world.  I believe this began when I was watching my first Super Bowl in 1991, the Bills vs. the Giants in Super Bowl XXV.  At the end of the game when the Bills were driving to set themselves up for a game winning field goal, ABC brought up a clip from Super Bowl V, showing Jim O’Brien’s game winning field goal against the Cowboys.  I was impressed by ABC Sports recognition that every sports moment, is related to another one from the past.  By relating the moment in Super Bowl XXV to the one in Super Bowl V, they made a connection with the audience.  They used a moment from the past to help define the greatness of the current moment.  Without the past, sports has no tradition, and without tradition it loses it’s appeal to the spectator.  Sports history is the foundation of sports fandom.

About Me

I’m currently a college senior at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin.  I’m hoping to someday make a living off of my interest, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy it for what it is, a fun hobby.


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